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Hi Guys, ok so to be completely transparent, I had written this post for several months now, yup I said it several months, and wanted to publish it in the summer time, but lets be honest. I wear several hats ( Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend) and sometimes trying to juggle everything all at once can be a challenge. So no judgements 

Summer is one of my other favorite seasons of the year. Maybe its because my birthday falls in this season, I just truly enjoy the longer days. Other things I enjoy about summer - The Kids Are Out Of School (hahahahaha) I don't have to wake up early to drop them to school, and I'm not busy chauffeuring them around to their afterschool activities. To me, it feels like things slow down and I get to take a break by spending quality time with my loved ones, not being in a rush to get home and in bed for the usual routine during the regular school year. Another favorite thing about summer is the fashion ( flowy maxi dresses, tank tops, shorts, sandals, yes please!).

How about a summer playlist?, one of my all time favorite summer songs is by Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff- Summertime. This song just instantly puts you in a good mood, or can we throw it all the way back to the original summertime madness by Kool and the Gang. I get my love for old school R&B music from my parents. Thanks mom and dad for being avid music lovers. 

Other Fun things to do in the summer is to take the kids to cool off at the pool. Speaking of pool, I hosted a pool party at my aunt's house  for the kids and a few family members and friends. We went with a tropical theme which is one of the very popular party trends out now. 

It started with the concept of having a balloon garland which is all the rage at parties nowadays. Balloons have made a comeback to the party scene in a major way. We decided to pull colors from the backdrop and went with pink and teal balloons. Another on trend item, are the tropical leaves. You can find this motif showing up in interior design and also in fashion.  We used these tropical leaves in many different areas in the décor. Can you spot this motif showing up in the little details? Lets play a game, see if you an spot all the areas that these little leaves are showing up.




Ok so here's a hint: They can be found on the garland hanging on the front of the table cloth, they are in the backdrop behind the hooray balloon banner, Some a peeking through the balloon garland.They are used on the table as a runner, they are used on the treat boxes, they can be found in the floral arrangements and last but not least they can be found on the cake. 

SparklingSkais Design tip: Try to find ways to incorporate ways of using a recurring motif/item in different areas to keep the look of the party on theme.

For added décor, we kept it simple with some pink roses and carnations found at the local grocery store, then added some fruits and coconuts to tie in with the tropical theme. 

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